#GWC16, #Play, Human-driven #Gamification and #BeaconingEU

I really enjoyed the recent Gamification World Congress in Madrid (GWC, 26-27 Oct 2016). It was great to see old friends and make new ones!

untitledIt was also great to hear about amazing gamification initiatives that are addressing challenges associated with engagement, education and health. And ‘play’ has been one of the themes throughout the two days. 

It is essential to get back to basic and be holistic about how we use gamification as a design tool, and most importantly gamification is NOT a technology, it is a human behaviour driven methodology. Please see some of my previous posts here, here and here.

Yu Kai’s workshop on the Octalysis Framework at GWC unpicked this view and elaborated on how important it is to be human-driven by looking at 8 core drives that influence the way desired actions are responded to.

The workshop and the main congress have really inspired me and there are so many different views that I can consider towards ensuring that the Beaconing project is developed based on a more evidence driven approache. The project is already based on a holistic approach and at the congress, I spoke about our concept and aspirations for a more hybrid and playful learning experience.

My slidedeck for the GWC :

Beaconing was shortlisted for the Best Education Project award at the congress. We didn’t win but it was an honour to be a finalist as the project is only 11 month old. Well done to Ball State University and well done to the other finalists and winners. 

Here’s to GWC 2017!

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