List of invited speaking, keynote and demonstration engagements


Invited Speaker, Gamification Hackathon, GamFed Turkey, March 2023


Keynote, Playful Learning Conference, July 2022: https://conference.playthinklearn.net/blog/programme

Keynote,  Malang University, Dec 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPWIOBFNHAE

Keynote, the Gamification Seminar, Malaysia, 7/12/2022: https://creativeculture.my/gamification-seminar-2022-programme-book/

Keynote, the EU FairPlay network:, May 2022 https://www.meetingland.de/events/educational-equity-in-digital-game-worlds/


Keynote, Gate:Vet – Game-Based Learning Conference, Germany, June 2021

Invited Speaker, Games-Based Learning Virtual Conference 2021, NY, April 2021

Expert panelist, Panel Session, KIBLIX – International Festival of Art, Technology and Science: XR technologies in museums and heritage: from augmented and mixed to virtual reality, Slovenia, March 2021

Invited Speaker, University seminar on distance learning in Turkey: ÜNİVERSİTEMİZDE PROGRAM ÖZDEĞERLENDİRME SÜRECİNİN TANITIMI, Turkey, March 2021

Invited Speaker, Midlands Network of Popular Culture, Birmingham, Feb 2021


Keynote, Gamification Seminar, Malaysia (Dec)

Panellist, Games For Change Latin-America, Brazil (Dec)

Keynote, Joint Conference in Serious Games, Stafford (Nov)

Keynote, GamiLearn 2020, Spain (Oct)

Speaker, Disruptive Education Seminar, Birmingham , June 2020 (Online)

Podcast interview, ProfessorGame Podcast (Episode 139)

Interview, Serious Games and Gamification Expert, part of the content for PressTV’s show on the gaming industry [at 15:50]: see here


Keynote, “Play, game thinking and social innovation”, Sao Paolo Play Week, Brazil, Nov 2019

Interview, Education Talks: When teachers create games, everyone’s a winner, Featured on EU School Education Gateway, 21/08/2019

Speaker, “Creative Culture : How co-creativity is nurtured in the context of game design”, Co-Creativity Workshop, Nice, June 2019


Keynote, “The Magic Circle of Playful and Gameful Co-Creation”, European Conference on Game-Based Learning, Nice, 2018

Keynote, “Co-creative journey through playful and Gameful Design”, Gamification TurkeyInstanbul, Nov 2018

Keynote, “Innovative Teaching and Learning through Research and Creative Practices”, HFD SUMMER SCHOOL: DESIGNING HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE DIGITAL AGEBerlin, Germany, July 2018

Speaker, “Play, Technology and Learning: Transform Ordinary Tasks into Extraordinary Experiences”, ChangSchoolTalks- Serious Games 2018Toronto, Canada, May 2018

Keynote, “Co-creativity inspired by Play and Games”, Remix Play 2 Summit, Coventry, UK, February 2018


Speaker, “Do not just use Gamification, Think hybrid solutions”,  Gamification Europe, Brighton, UK, November 2017.

Panelist, Insider Economic Forum, Coventry and Warwickshire, September 2017.

Keynote, “Remixing Play for a Gameful Learning Experience”, CreativeCulture workshop Kuching, Malaysia, August 2017.

Panelist, Roundtable session, B-MELTT Symposium, Coventry University, UK, June 2017

Keynote, “Hybrid learning powered by play”, Edutainment conference Bournemouth, UK, June 2017.

Keynote, “Remix Play for a Gameful Learning Experience”, GamiFin conference, Pori, Finland, May 2017.


Keynote,Remix Play for Creativity and Beyond, Play for Outstanding Results 2016, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Dec 2016

Workshop, Remixing Play into a Game Plan, Play for Outstanding Results 2016, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Dec 2016

Keynote, “Remix Play for Inclusive Learning”, DSAI 2016, Vila Real, Portugal, Dec 2016

Speaker and Workshop,Game Changers”, OEB 16, Berlin, Germany, Nov 2016

Speaker, Play learn in everyday spaces, Gamification World Congress, Madrid, Spain, Oct 2016

Keynote, The power of play in pervasive learning”, SGAMES 2016, Porto, Portugal, June 2016

Keynote, “Gamification and Health”, SCATA 2016, Birmingham, May 2016

Speaker, “Super Learner in a Hybrid Space”, TEDx Coventry University, UK, Jan 2016


Keynote,“Games Science and Pervasive Learning”, Colloque du International, Universite Paris 3, Paris, France, Nov 2015

Invited Speaker, “H2020: Personal Experience”, Horizon 2020 Workshop, Coventry University, UK, Nov 2015

Keynote,“Play and Learn in a Hybrid Learning Space”, gEducation, Gamification World Congress, Barcelona, Nov 2015

Keynote,“Games Science in a Hybrid Learning Space”, eMADRID Seminar, Madrid, Oct 2015

Track Chair, “Pervasive Gaming for Learning”, ECGBL Conference, Norway, Oct 2015

Invited speaker“Pervasive learning and gaming”, GameLab/Education Arcade Lunchtime seminar, the MIT, Boston, May 2015


Workshop presenter, “Game design thinking: Gamification cards”, Teaching and Learning Conference, Coventry University, June 2014

Invited speaker, “Games, learning and beyond”, NETWORKed Seminar Series, London School of Economics and Political Science, Jan 2014

Invited speaker/chair, “Games, Gamification and Health”, Health 2.0 Birmingham MeetUp, July 2014


Keynote, “How can we encourage the uptake of serious games within a formal setting? From a researcher’s point of view”, 3rd Immersive Education Summit (IED), Kings College, London, UK, Nov 2013

Keynote, “Serious Games linking Simulations and Education”, SLACTIONS 2013- Research conference on virtual worlds – Learning with simulations, Online- Second Life, November 2013

Keynote, “Health, wellbeing and gamification”, Ambiguous Technologies: Philosophical Issues, Practical Solutions, Human Nature (CEPE 2013), Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013

Invited Speaker, “How can we encourage the uptake of serious games within a formal setting?”, Serious Games and Social Connect Conference, Singapore, August 2013

Invited lecture, “Games and gamification: From hobby to habits”, Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) summer school, Graz, Austria, Sept 2013

Invited Speaker, “Gaming theory for healthcare improvement”, Think Digital, London, 2013

Speaker, “Games and Health”, 2nd Wednesday Seminar, Serious Games Institute, Coventry, 2013

Keynote, “Can Gamification transform lives”, Digital Pharma Series, Paris, France, 2013

Keynote, “Gamification: The impact and implication on public health”, Ethics in Serious Games Workshop, Sheffield University, UK, 2013


Keynote, “Serious games research: an interdisciplinary approach”, La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, 2012


Invited workshop presenter, “Serious games authoring”, Conference of IT in Asia, Malaysia, 2011

Keynote, “Game-based Learning”, LUDUS, Bulgarian Industrial Association, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011

Keynote, “Game-based Learning”, AI-MAS Winter Olympics, Bucharest, Romania, 2011


Speaker, “Games and psychology”, Relate Parent-Know-How workshop at Coventry University, 2009

Demonstrator, “Haptics and medical simulation”, The Philanthropic case-for-support event at BT Tower, 2009

Demonstrator/Exhibitor, “Haptics and medical simulation”, The Healthcare Innovation Expo, London Excel Centre, 2009

Demonstrator/Exhibitor, “Haptics and medical simulation”, The Wolfson Research Exchange, University of Warwick, 2009

Demonstrator, Engineering Future Healthcare, University of Warwick, 2009

Honorary speaker at 3 seminar sessions at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia 2009 and 2010.


Presenter/Developer, The opening of the International Digital Lab by Mr. Gordon Brown, where my work on Virtual Ribbon Cutting was featured on BBC, 2008

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