Hello there! I’m Sylvester Arnab, a Professor of Game Science (Applied Games) at Coventry University, UK. 

“Game science … is defined as a field that investigates how playful and gameful experiences are designed and applied based on strategies and elements commonly used by game-based approaches (analogue and/or digital), which include game-based learning, serious games, and gamification and how their operations are underpinned by pedagogical and motivational theories and practices…” Arnab (2020, p. 57)

My passion lies in creating engaging, empathetic, and empowering experiences through playful and gameful design practices. I take great pride in being a co-founder of the award-winning GameChangers initiative. This initiative has broken barriers in playful and game-based design for education, thanks to the collaboration with various partners and the support of esteemed funders like UKRI, European Commission, British Academy, and more. It has been a privilege to be part of various international projects that have made a significant impact.

My work is highly interdisciplinary, and I’ve had the honour of publishing over 100 academic articles, including my book ‘Game Science in Hybrid Learning Spaces’. Sharing my insights at international events is something I truly enjoy.

In the past, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and conduct research at the Serious Games Institute and University of Warwick’s WMG. In 2009, I earned my PhD in Engineering from the University of Warwick.

I am excited about the potential of game science and its application in transforming education. It’s a pleasure to be part of this vibrant field and make a positive difference in the world of applied games and playful design.

I am of Borneon origin, love beautiful things, and game for new adventures!

Arnab, S. (2020). Game Science in Hybrid Learning Spaces. (1 ed.) (Digital Games, Simulation and Learning; No. 6). NY: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

CU Research Profile (PURE)My LinkedInORCID profile

Email: s.arnab@coventry.ac.ukTwitter: @sarnab75

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