Final GALA R&D deliverables

GALA-4highThe Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) project has been successfully concluded. The R&D within the area of serious gaming will continue under the Serious Games Society, which will see regional and local hubs to be set up in the different countries in Europe. Join us!!

You can access the final reports concerning the GALA R&D activities: Access here. All Copyrighted.

Reports on Learning Analytics, Flow and Serious Games Mechanics

With the EU-Funded Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) network coming to an end in 2014, we are in a reflective mode. We have carried out field research, development, validations and various case studies within these past four years. The three key areas, which are of great interests to the stakeholders involved in the network include: Learning Analytics, Flow and Serious Games Mechanics.

Some findings have been published in various peer-reviewed conference and journal articles. As part of our deliverables of the final year of the network, we are going to publish reports on these areas. Work in these areas will be further developed under the banner of the Serious Games Society (SGS).

The summary of these reports can be found here:

Report on Learning Analytics for Serious Games

Report on Flow for Serious Games

Report on Serious Games Mechanics

You can request for the complete reports. Please private message me or comment below with your i) Name ii) Affiliation (iii) Comments (optional).

UPDATE (5th Dec 2014): Access reports here