Design cases, pervasive and gamified learning

Reflecting on my own research in game-based learning design and my interest in pervasive learning as well as design cases, I am looking into designing a study to delve further into pervasive gaming and gamification for learning from the design, production and deployment point of views.

This will require literature review and case study of existing pervasive games and gamification for learning, the impact and future aspiration of such approach. I also aim to engage existing designers, developers, publishers and practitioners, and correlate views on this topic. It will be interesting to see the link between the theoretical (pedagogical) and practical underpinning of pervasive and ubiquitous learning, and the pervasiveness and context-awareness that technology can provide towards bridging and merging digital and physical learning experiences and contexts (anytime anywhere learning).

This will be the essence of what I’m going to explore and design when I’m next in Boston for the second half of my visiting fellowship (mini-sabbatical).

GET INVOLVED: Any developers, designers, practitioners… who are interested to get involved in the study, please  message me on here or email me directly – I will be very happy to include and feature your games, lessons learnt, etc. in my study!


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