Innovation Muscle by Paul Ranson

I have recently written a foreword for a book authored by Paul Ranson based on his 30 years experience in the game industry (see foreword).

His informal delivery throughout the book makes the need for innovative thinking less intimidating, more interesting and approachable. Some of the ideas presented will challenge your existing practices, for e.g. ‘painstorming’ instead of ‘brainstorming’, and looking at innovative thinking as ‘thinking within the box’ rather than ‘outside the box’! Inspired by an agile practice, Paul provided snapshots of how to nurture an environment and practice to be fertile for creativity.

You can get Innovation Muscle and his other books here!

Paul will speak at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL)’s November expo where we will explore disruptive and innovative thinking and practice within the context of teaching and learning!

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