Horizon 2020 projects – going live soon!

We have recently been awarded two Horizon 2020 grants (under the ICT-20-2015 and ICT-10-2015 calls) and I have been pretty busy with the grant agreement process since the outcomes were announced in August this year. On top of all the other projects at the DMLL (watch this space for the new and gamified Game Changers programme!) and the many trips abroad, we are finally at the end of the grant agreement process. Both projects will start in January 2016! I think busy will get busier!

partnersWe (Coventry University) are the coordinator of the BEACONING project – a consortium of 15 partners – focusing on games, gamification, pervasive and context-aware techniques and technologies towards facilitating ‘anytime anywhere’ learning. I talked a lot about pervasive gaming and learning, context-aware technology and a holistic approach for gamified learning design in my previous post; a research interest, which had inspired the concept for the project. I will touch on this project in my keynote at the Gamification World Congress (gEducation strand) next week.

The other project is  CROWD4ROADS and we are the gamification partner. The project is coordinated by a good friend of mine Dr. Alessandro Bogliolo from the University of Urbino, and the key research focus is around crowdsourcing applications and we are involved in the gamification design and the research around the deployment.

All in all it has been a fruitful and productive year. Thanks to all the colleagues and partners who have been a part of this experience!


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