Placing my bet on BETT

BETT is a Mecca for those interested in EdTech. This year, it is obvious that robots for STEM/STEAM have definitely gone mainstream, from Lego Mindstorm to VEX.

And playful and creative learning is one of the key themes to this year’s exhibitions, very much aligning with what we are doing at the lab (check out GameChangers and Remix Play Summit)… and love that BETT is also using Game Changer as its tagline this year… ‘Be the next Game Changer’…. so I unashamedly plugged our GameChangers (design thinking though game making) initiative! :))

Playful hybrid spaces, such as the 360 tent were also a highlight for me as I love pop-up playful spaces that add a bit of drama and a lot of fun to “classroom” teaching.

Sir Ken Robinson’s keynote topped an already great day at BETT2017. His wit and enthusiasm, and of course his passion for creative teaching and learning.

All in all, BETT 2017 has done pretty well. See everyone next year 2018! We hope to showcase some of our work next year.

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