#BeaconingEU is now a year old #gbl #gamification #pervasive #hybrid

1.1Yes this post is a bit late as it is actually a year, 1 month and 20 days old today! The project has since produced some early mock-ups that were demonstrated at the last GALA conference in Utrecht, and has also been shortlisted for the Best Education Project award at the last Gamification World Congress 2017 in Madrid. Beaconing has also been featured in the various keynote speeches and workshops all over the world.

pervasiveThe project has been both exciting and challenging at the same time so far. Linking learning and gaming can be a bit tricky – read my paper on the trans-disciplinary perspectives of game-based intervention development. However, we have managed (15 partners) to find a common ground on top of which we are building the Beaconing’s ‘anytime anywhere’ and playful learning platform.  Find out more about the project here.

The components are still being developed and unit tested. We are working towards the first integrated prototype by mid April 2017 and will be showcased at the Else conference (hosted by the Beaconing’s technical lead- ATS). The small scale pilot is due to start in April as well to ensure that we involve the pilot schools in the process. I will definitely share the screenshots as well as the promotional video(s) on here once we have them ready.

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