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consortiumOn 19-20th January, we kicked off the BEACONING project, with 26 attendees representing fifteen partners from nine different countries coming together for the first time to define a shared vision and mission for the project over the next three years. We are excited with the prospect of the project, where we will exploit relevant techniques and technologies and innovate the way learning is facilitated. By using a gamified approach, we aim to inject the power of play that will encapsulate formal, informal, non-formal and social learning experiences within a contextualised narrative. This opens up opportunities for us to redefine and reconstruct learning in a hybrid learning space. The approach will be holistic to ensure that the innovation is relevant and sustainable. Also read my views on gamification as a tool for experience design.

The BEACONING platform will be a ubiquitous solution that exploits advances in user experience design, mobile communication, location-based and context aware systems, procedural content generation, pedagogy-driven gamification, learning analytics and cloud technology through innovative integration towards a blended learning space. 

 Large-scale pilots will validate and inform the development of the BEACONING ecosystem that democratises learning across and among fully abled and those with mild to moderate physical and mental impairments (age 15 to 24), undergoing general and vocational training.

The official website will be up and running soon –

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