GameChangers CPD

Referring back to my post on the Remixing Play into a Game Plan workshop; there is a huge value in going back to basics and harnessing the power of creative thinking towards solving real challenges, topics or issues. From the OEB workshop, we have been asked to run a taster workshop for a large executive training organisation CEDEP France. It was included as part of their faculty workshop, where the associate trainers from the different countries came together. It was a daunting prospect to preach to those who are seasoned trainers, lecturers, academics and consultants.  Both myself and Samantha Clarke enjoyed the experience.

The reflection session was interesting, where the faculty members recognised that the use of play and games in training is all about nurturing creative mindsets that will influence practice and outcomes. The reflections also include the fact that they were amazed at how quickly they came up with a shared solution even though they were from different backgrounds and interests. And one group registered a domain name for their gameplan, and sought investments from the others. But most importantly, the session was fun and playful.

And indeed “Individuality is Important for Collective Creativity“- which is the tagline for our ‘What is your Story?’ initiative!

GameChangers is not about creating a product but it focuses on creating an experience; an experience that will foster team work, creative and innovative thinking inspired by playful and gameful mechanics. But the process most of the time produces tangible outcomes.



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