Getting serious with Lego

Just another week at work – perhaps. Spending 4 days “playing” with Lego bricks may sound like it is just a walk in a park. 3 days down! It has been rather intense with long hours. But it is worth the effort so far. And getting certified as a Lego SeriousPlay (LSP) facilitator at the end of it will definitely be the icing on the cake.

My first experience of LSP was when I was in Alan McShane’s workshop at the Gamification World Congress, where he added a bit of gamification in the LSP process.

The LSP approach has really opened up opportunities for us to uncover and discover new insights and knowledge in a playful and tactile process, i.e. “thinking with our hands”. Looking forward to designing and running our own workshops! More reflections once I have been certified!!! One more day!

Some tweets and pics from the last three days.


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