GameChangers- where are we now

The pilot for GameChangers – an open programme aiming to introduce and foster Game Design Thinking is coming to the end. See the backstory (Alex’s blog post) to and description of the programme. The programme was structured in missions and quests based on the holistic and modular design considerations (see the snapshot of the main missions below).

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.08.55
Main missions – see descriptions

Within each mission, various workshops were organised to help facilitate the process, where we engaged players in games and gamification, such as Andrzej Marczewski.


Example games and gamification ideas being developed through the programme include:

The Office of Teaching and Learning  and a Gamified data collection approach for student experience– (@OTLCoventry)

Richard and a 3D Modelling survival game  (@Richie_Brooks – project updates here, and first video of prototype to date)

Jeremiah and the super Eco Runner concept (@J3yDs)

Zoe and GangLand Karma (@zophilpott  @ganglandkarma– Zoe is looking for interested parties to co-develop the game)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.03.24


Sports Psychology and Games for physical activities and cognition (part of a masters module)

Kate and Lauren and Gamifying the DMLL Expo (@kategreen28 @laurenheywood)

DMLL and a Gamified workshop for exploring visual cues and narratives (@disrupt_learn)

Visual muse and narratives- What is your story?: a gamified session exploring creativity in the use of narratives and visual cues when describing abstract concepts. The session will employ cards, tokens and team competition. The themes will include Flipped Learning, Game-based Learning and Self-directed Learning. Participants will work in teams and create narratives and scenarios/ user cases using a three deck of cards. Arnab, S (2016)

The idea of providing open resources for exploratory learning in a more self-directed context is a huge challenge. Those who engaged have truly exploited the resources we provided and benefited from the experience. I will reflect on the lessons learnt through this pilot in my next blog post and tease out ideas on Game Changers future roll-out.


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