#C4Rs kicked off to drive change

C4Rs-logoI mentioned this project on one of my previous posts. The Crowd4Roads (C4Rs) project is co-funded by the Eu Commission Horizon 2020 programme (€1.5 million, 7 partners, 3 years), and was finally kicked off in Anconna, Italy on 3-4 February 2016. The project will be looking at ride sharing and mobile crowd sensing of road quality, capitalising on the existing BlaBlaCar and SmartRoadSense technologies. Integration of best practices from both applications will help promote civic responsibility in inducing more sustainable and greener car usage patterns and by raising end-users’awareness on the conditions of the roads they travel. Collective intelligence can be harnessed to provide open data on the road conditions supporting better informed planning of road maintenance.

C4Rs partners at the KOM

Our role in the project is to offer expertise in gamification design to help enhance user experience and user engagement. The press release on the project and the official project website will be published soon.

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