Time and Space

It’s been a while since my last post as time has flown so quickly this year and space (both digital and physical) has been filled up with exciting stuffs that need attending to. So what’s new?

Trying to make sense of the different projects I am involved in at the DMLL. First point of action- writing a paper on four of them collectively, which is a great start. I’m chairing a track at the ECGBL 2015 on the topic of Pervasive and Ubiquitous Gaming for Learning and naturally fitting in some of the exciting work we are doing at the DMLL would be a good way to share our findings and lesson learnt.

The paper discusses our perspectives on pervasive learning based on our investigation of learning spaces, the use of game mechanics in blended learning environments, the crossings between gamification and pervasive gaming, and the potential of Beacons as an enabling context-aware technology.

The DMLL is a cross-university initiative designed to promote open dialogues, collaborative work and exploratory play for all interested in defining the 21st century university. We are working with staffs across the university who came up with ideas and challenges concerning their existing teaching and learning practices as Coventry University (see projects). We are also working with industrial partners, such as Playgen, Ifinity and Learnium.

My own personal research on ‘game science- from design to uptake’ is still on going. The paper on a trans-disciplinary model submitted to BJET that is currently undergoing revisions based on the reviewers’ feedback will form the basis of the study. More case studies will be explored on my scholar visit to the PLAIT lab at Northeastern and the Game Lab and Education Arcade at the MIT, Boston (4-22 May).


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