‘What is your story?’ NYC

We had such a great time at the Revolutionary Learning conference (17-19 August) in NYC. The weather has been glorious but most of all, the various sessions at the conference were very thought provoking and exciting. And it was a pleasure to finally meet Ian Livingstone CBE in person!

As briefly discussed in one of my previous posts, playful and gameful learning has been our key interest in remodelling teaching and learning practices in higher education. Even though our current work includes K12 education and further education, the conference has validated our aim to further emphasise playful and gameful practices in higher education. You can have a look at my previous posts to read and view snippets of the work that we are carrying out in the area.

We showcased one of the outcomes of the playful and gameful GameChangers programme at the Revolutionary Learning conference. The aim of the workshop was to help participants recognise that non-digital means for playful learning is still valid in today’s teaching and learning practice. And in particular, the ‘What is your story?’ cards have been designed to be used as a tool to promote creativity in personalising our interpretations of various abstract topics and concepts. And they can also be used to facilitate positive and constructive debates around the different interpretations of the same visual cues. Description of the session- here.

The participants enjoyed the experience and reflected that the same approach could be used in various contexts and settings. Snippets of the workshop can be viewed below.





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