Split – explore cultures in a world broken into two realities

Coventry University’s Serious Games Institute has just released a new game, which is called SPLIT, currently available for Android devices. Interesting piece of work, part of the MASELTOV project that is exploiting the engaging factor of a casual game which will hopefully engage players of all ages.

Screenshot 2014-10-30 17.11.44

Game description:

“As a scientist in an experiment-gone-wrong, Split allows you to explore cultures in a world broken into two different realities. Explore and interact with NPCs to solve puzzles, understand differences in culture, and learn how these differences influence common scenarios such as seeking healthcare, or finding a job.

The game has been developed as part of the EU-funded MASELTOV project, which provides a suite of tools and services to support new arrivals in the EU. By using these other services, you can also earn currency to spend in-game on character upgrades.

See trailer

Download: GooglePlay

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