See you later Boston

My three week stint in Boston has finally come to an end. Apart from the gorgeous weather, the highly pedestrian friendly university city and the friendly locals, I have also enjoyed spending some time with the research groups at the Northeastern University’s Plait group, the MIT’s Gamelab and STEP (Education Arcade) and Tuft’s Robolab-LEGOEngineering. Key insights from all the different visits, discussions and lunchtime discourses revolve around the need for a seamless approach in bridging formal and informal learning and a more social and community driven game-based learning. My task now is to prioritise on what to explore further. But one thing for sure is to explore design cases involving game and learning designers – let’s talk about failures and not just successes, what can we learn from these untapped experiences and knowledge!

10501786_10155570881090581_7438417400454699423_n 988557_10155538412990581_3408792414639801911_n

Till August- for now Boston I shall bid you farewell!


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