Remix Play Summit 2017

Play, games and gamification have always been key concepts, instruments and methodologies for pushing our innovative teaching and learning agenda at the university and in other external research and innovation projects we are involved in. Collectively, the initiatives are branded as GameChangers.  I talked about Remixing Play in my previous post and I have since spoken about it and run workshops on it in various events..

The GameChangers team have been working hard to finalise the details for the Remix Play summit (Feb 15th, 2017)and we are happy to collaborate with key actors in the play and games domain, who are going to share their experiences and run interactive workshops with us.

Descriptions below (taken from the main GameChangers website, which is currently undergoing a total revamp). Please see the website for the confirmed speakers and workshop facilitators.


The Remix Play Summit is hosted by Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab ( with the aim of celebrating play in Higher Education. Moving beyond “gamification”, “serious games” and “game based learning”, the Remix Play Summit will examine the playful roots and meanings of these approaches and provide an interdisciplinary discussion space to explore the opportunities that play and playfulness can provide for both students and staff.

Questions for discussion include: What can play contribute to a “serious” learning environment? Can playfulness survive the increasing pressure students and staff are subjected to, to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing world? Is there the risk that play becomes just another tool?

Through talks and hands-on workshops held by some of the leading figures in play, games and education studies (Ian Livingstone CBE, Bernie DeKoven, Sebastian Deterding, Nicola Whitton), we will seek to provide participants with the tools to build their own answers playfully, marking the beginning of new playful collaborations and experimentations with learning institutions and society at large.

The summit will be at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University, UK – 15th February 2017.


Big thank yous to the GChangers, event and web teams – Helen Keegan, Oliver Wood, Debra James,Cathryn Goodwin, Samantha Clarke, Luca Morini and Alex Master


Be inspired by simple gameplay


A recently designed workshop concept on Remixing Play into a Gameplan has a key aim to make game-based design thinking more accessible to anyone with different literacies in game playing. As described in my previous post, “play is key to expanding and broadening our embodied experience with our surroundings. It is an exploratory and experiential means for incrementally, iteratively and continuously updating our understanding and interpretation of the various concepts, objects, people, emotions and the mapping between these variables“.

We need to focus on designing experiences suited for our target audience (clients, stakeholders, customers, students, employees, etc.), which will inform the types of services, products and/or technologies that can be used to facilitate those experiences. The act of play often produces intrinsic engagement and pleasure that enhance our interaction with services, products, problems, challenges, etc. It is therefore possible for us to be inspired by the mechanics of play for informing our strategy, design and construction of solutions that will be more human driven, more emotionally intelligent.

Simple example:

  • Challenge – how to increase sales of a product?
  • Inspiration – Hide and Seek with simple mechanics – Hiding and Seeking!
  • GamePlan – Hide rare items in products for customers to discover and collect. If done right, the Willy Wonka effect can be achieved when customers are encouraged to purchase more in order to stand a chance to discover those rare items.

The game plan can lead to a strategy, a service and/or a product! As the process is based on Design Thinking, it will be iterative, agile and incremental in order to refine the gameplan. The process will exploit playfulness and engagement to help encourage creativity and innovation.

The Remixing Play methodology has been implemented with different stakeholders. For example:

Embedded within a masters module (Sports Science, Coventry University)

Workshop with the Online Learning Educa community in Berlin

Experiential workshop with the industrial community in Trinidad

Slides used for the workshop in Trinidad:

Remix Play in Trinidad

Such a great pleasure for me to share my perspectives on and experience with play, games and gamification with the various sectors at the Play for Outstanding Results conference in Trinidad today.

My keynote address was very much about unpicking the power of play and gameplay, how important it is to provide a safe space for individuals to try new ideas and to also encourage individuality towards a more enriched and diverse collective creativity and intelligence.

My keynote slides:

Kudos to the organiser Arthur Lok Jack Business School!