GALA’s Roadmap for Serious Games R&D

RoadMapThe Games and Learning Alliance (GALA) project has come to an end and reflecting on the four-year activities, the network has produced a Roadmap document providing strategic guidance for future research and development activities in the area of Serious Games and Games Based Learning.

The roadmap is intended to complement and integrate recommendations from other stakeholders and working groups in the field of SG.

Download the GALA/SGS roadmap.

Latest reports ALERT! Open University’s Innovating Pedagogy 2014 and Jisc’s Learning Analytics

Learn about key trends in pedagogy, such as BYOD, Flipped Learning, learning through storytelling, bricolage, etc. Access Report

JISC has carried out a study on the current state of play of Learning Analytics in UK higher and further education. Access Report

Running a module as an ARG a.k.a. The Rufi Franzen Mystery

Helen is joining our lab soon!! Looking forward to collaborating on exciting new ideas!

Heloukee: EdTech and Digital Culture

So the secret’s out. We’ve had the Big Reveal.

#psvtam (otherwise know as the BSc Professional Sound and Video Technology, Advanced Multimedia module) was a game – an alternate reality game.

A game that took so many unanticipated twists and turns that I’m still trying to process everything. For the past 48 hours I’ve been replaying the past 3 months in my mind, thinking about every clue, red-herring, reaction… wow.

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Looking for a home for your PhD research? Or would you like to collaborate with us?

The blending of digital and physical spaces is changing the way we approach teaching and learning.This opens up opportunities for traditional approaches to be taken apart and put back together. There are pedagogical and technological questions to be addressed.

As part of the forward looking Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) based at Coventry University (the university has recently been awarded Modern University of the year and best in Student Experience), I’m excited about these opportunities and the various topics that can be explored and experimented. Specific areas I’m interested in include:

  • gameful and persuasive design (including game-based learning and gamification),
  • pervasive technology and learning
  • the understanding of engagement in gaming in terms of the emotions that motivate and how these would influence the way we learn
  • alternate and mixed reality in teaching and learning
  • seamless learning experience in a digital saturated ecosystem


DMLL is designed as a cross-University experimental unit that will provide support for new and on-going pedagogic development in new and disruptive technological spaces. The Lab draws upon areas from which the University has established a track record of innovation, e.g, the Serious Games Institute, which has pioneered the use of games science in educational content delivery and the Media Department’s teaching and learning ‘experiments’ with Open Media Classes.

We are excited to work with keen researchers.

Please contact me privately if you are interested to do a PhD with us or if you would like to collaborate with us in R&D within the area of disruptive media and technology.